Maestranza Consultores Sl through its participation in Preventive Activity Slu has developed a specialization in the areas of safety health and safety through a technical legal expertise and through the provision of legal services Audit Management System Prevention Occupational Hazard implemented in enterprises.

The work can be considered a source of health because the same people get a number of positive and favorable for the same aspects. For example the salary is perceived can acquire the goods necessary for the maintenance and general welfare. At work people develop physical and mental activity that revitalizes the body to keep it active and awake. By working also develop and activate social relationships with others through the cooperation necessary to perform the tasks and work permits increased self-esteem because it allows people to feel useful to society.

However the job may also cause different damage to the health of mental, physical or emotional, depending on the social and material conditions where the work is performed


Safety Labor

14 May, 2016


Seguridad y Salud Laboral